A recent law, AB 1522 Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, required a change in the timing of when MegaFlex employees receive their Non-Elective Annual Leave (NEL). There are no changes to the amount of NEL employees receive, just when they have access to it. MegaFlex employees have always earned NEL each pay period, but that was not necessarily clear to them because the total amount of earned NEL was provided to employees on January 1 of the following year.*

The new law requires that employees receive paid time off more quickly than the old MegaFlex schedule allowed. NEL will now be provided each pay period. On the July 30, 2015 payday, MegaFlex employees will receive a one-time “catch-up” of the NEL that they earned so far this year. Going forward, MegaFlex employees will receive the NEL they earn each pay period in the next pay period.
These questions and answers provide more detail on the NEL change:
Q. Does this change mean employees receive more time off?
A. No. This change only affects the schedule that Non-Elective Annual Leave (NEL) is provided to employees.
Q. Does this change affect how NEL is carried over from year to year?
A. No. Unused NEL still carries over from year to year and can be banked up to a maximum of 60 days (480 hours).
Q. Does this change affect Elective Annual Leave (EAL), the days MegaFlex employees can buy each year?
A. No. The rules regarding EAL have not changed. Employees can still purchase up to 20 days (160 hours) of EAL each year. As always, EAL may not be used until all NEL, and any other time on the books, is used.
Q. Will employees need to buy more EAL days due to this change?
A. Not necessarily. However, employees will now receive NEL sooner than in the past, and could use some, or all, of it in the current year. Should that happen, employees who want to take time off early in the next year will need to buy days during annual enrollment to have paid time available.
Q. When will the “catch-up” hours for 2015 be available to employees?
A. For the July 30, 2015 payroll, the County will provide employees with the NEL they have earned from January 1, 2015 to July 15, 2015. A 40–hour employee who has worked all of 2015 should receive approximately 52 hours (6.5 days) of NEL.
Q. How much NEL will employees earn each pay period?
A. Employees who work a 40 hour schedule will receive approximately 4 hours each pay period. * New hires to MegaFlex had a different schedule in the first year they were hired. They too earned NEL each pay period they worked, but did not receive any NEL until the anniversary of their hire.