Charitable Giving Campaign

Creating Greater Communities

The Charitable Giving Campaign, provides employees with charitable giving options, as well as a wide variety of other donation opportunities. Employees may contribute to a Fund Distribution Agency (FDA) or Direct Designation Agency (DDA). Contact your department’s CGC Coordinator for more information.

Fund Distribution Agency
•Must have raised $75,000 locally.
•Much Have raised $35,000 through County payroll deductions and cash contributions in a single campaign season.
•Must distribute employee donations to a minimum of 15 local non-profit agencies serving Los Angeles County; and; administrative, marketing, and campaign expenditures may not exceed 20% of annual funding.

Direct Designation Agency
•Must have raised $15,000 locally.
•Must provide service to local and diverse communities in Los Angeles County.
•Administrative, marketing and campaign expenditures may not exceed 20% of annual funding; and in compliance with the USA Patriot Act.

Easy Ways To Donate

On-going Payroll Deductions
Sign up to donate a fixed amount from every paycheck ($5 per month minimum). Each payday that amount will be automatically deducted from your check and will be donated directly to the charity of your choice. You can cancel your deduction at any time. To get started, simply click on any yellow DONATE NOW button.

One-Time Deductions
Make a one-time donation for any amount by contacting your department’s Charitable Giving Coordinator, or complete a one-time donation form and send it along with your donation (check or money order) to the Office of Workplace Programs.

Other Ways to Contribute
You can also support the Charitable Giving Campaign by purchasing tickets for theme parks, sporting events, and Charitable Giving Employee Discount Items. A portion of of the proceeds will benefit the Charitable Giving Campaign.


Asian Pacific Community Fund

The Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) is a network of 29 community organizations serving over 250,000 people annually in a total of 27 Asian languages plus English and Spanish. As the only Asian and Pacific Islander community-based fund in Southern California, APCF focuses on providing culturally sensitive programs and services to meet the complex and diverse needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

What Your Donation Supports

•$5 a day provides for one month of an after-school enrichment program for a youth from a low-income family
•$8 provides one prescription for an uninsured patient with a chronic disease.
•$12 provides free weekly counseling sessions for a year.
•$25 provides one hour of after-school activities and homework assistance – keeping students out of gangs and in school.
•$100 provides a comprehensive medical visit for one uninsured patient including the physician/providers visit, all labs, immunizations, procedures, interpretation, financial screening, and enrollment assistance into public health programs.
•$250 provides ten weeks of a job training program for small business development program clients.
•$1000 provides more affordable housing units for community economic development programs.

Contact Information

Asian Pacific Community Fund
Tax ID: 95-4257997


The Brotherhood Crusade has enhanced the quality of life for families and youth throughout Los Angeles and surrounding communities for 44 years. We provide financial and supportive services to multi-cultural programs that address health, education, social welfare.

What Your Donation Supports

•$2 enables 10 school children to spend the day with a trained desert naturalist.
•$7 pays for a home-delivered hot meal delivered to a frail senior.
•$10 helps fund free support services for cancer patients.
•$10 funds research and helps to pioneer robotic surgery.
•$25 per month will support after school programs and/or school supplies for two students.
•$30 helps provide essential student aid to cover college expenses.
•$50 shelters a homeless mother and child for a night.

Contact Information

Brotherhood Crusade
Tax ID 95-2543819

Community Health Charities

Community Health Charities is a nonprofit that raises awareness and resources for health and wellness by connecting more than 2,000 of the most trusted health charities across the United States with more than 17 million caring employees through workplace giving campaigns, causes, wellness programs, employee engagement, and strategic partnerships. Health has never been such an urgent priority: 77% of U.S. workers suffer from at least one long-term health condition, ranging from cancer to asthma—chances are someone you know is affected.

Contact Information

Community Health Charities
Tax ID:13-6167225


EarthShare California protects, supports and improves California’s natural heritage of clean air, safe water, diverse wildlife and healthy communities and families by raising funds for leading environmental organizations. EarthShare is a federation of more than 80 environmental organizations working to improve all aspects of the environment. One environment….One Simple Way to Care for It.

What Your Donation Supports

•$1 per pay period will pay for 200 fact sheets to home owners, teachers, and educators to instruct on fire-resistant planting in hillside communities to reduce economic losses as a result of wildfires. (CNPS)
$5 per pay period pays for transporting 45 under-privileged, inner-city school children to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day- a day of ocean education and hands on learning about pollution prevention. (HtB)
•$7 per pay period will refurbish six Zoo Discovery Kits for teachers to use when they are on school field trips. (GLAZA)
•$10 per pay period will pay for a month of operating a forest visitor information and education center. (SGWA)
•$20 per pay period can make sure that Friends of the River can send an expert to Washington D.C. to testify for smart reforms to federal river policies affecting California. (FotR)
•$50 per pay period will permanently protect 0.5 acres of desert tortoise critical habitat. (DTPC)

Contact Information

EarthShare California
Tax ID 94-2840364

United Latinx Fund

The United Latinx Fund (ULF) assists emerging non-profit organizations in achieving long-term sustainability. They also help create successful programs that reach the Latin Community.

What Your Donation Supports

•$5.00 helps organizations serving elementary school children buy equipment for physical education activities.
•$10.00 a month helps 10 families receive awareness on the environmental hazards and health effects of slum housing, and teaches them how to fight for decent affordable housing.
•$15.00 helps communities plagued by gang violence establish green gardens, and open spaces by beautifying and removing graffiti from their local park.
•$35.00 a month helps low-income Latino students majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) buy college textbooks for a quarter of learning.

Contact Information

United Latinx Fund
Tax ID 95-4314225

United Way Logo

United Way of Greater Los Angeles “Creates Pathways out of Poverty” by helping homeless people into housing, supporting kids to succeed in school, and helping families become financially stable.

What Your Donation Supports

•$2.50 Helps get the word out about free tax preparations so struggling families can reclaim some of their hard-earned money.
•$3.50 Helps train a parent on how school works so they can give their child the support they need to graduate.
Gives a chronically homeless person 1 week of vital healthcare treatment in permanent supportive housing.
•$7 Teaches 10 low-income adults how to manage their money and save for the future.
•$14 Provides leadership training for youth, parents, and residents so they can help reform their local schools.
Helps a homeless family move off the streets by providing the first month’s rent on a new apartment.
•$17.50 Helps a low-income adult learn important job skills.
•$23 Helps a student stay in school by giving them 1 year of academic tutoring in after-school programs.

Contact Information

United Way
Tax ID 95-2274801


Founded in 1941, Variety the Children’s Charity of Southern California is dedicated to inspiring hope, enriching lives and building a better future for the children of Southern California. The money raised in Southern California stays in this community and Variety is proud that it is able to modify its agenda in order to meet the evolving conditions encompassing our region, providing support wherever the need is greatest. Variety awards over half a million dollars annually to our organizations which serve our children in the areas of Health Care, Education and Mobility. Variety is also a major supporter of the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Boyle Heights.

Your donation to Variety the Children’s Charity directly impacts Children in need in LA County!

What Your Donation Supports

•$15 helps support early literacy programs with books for underprivileged children as young as 6 months old.
•$25 helps provide meals and safe day care for children in families dealing with homelessness.
•$50 provides at risk youth after school programs like homework assistance, arts and science workshops, college prep and gang prevention counseling.
•$100 helps send a child with a life-threatening illness to summer camp where they meet kids like themselves and for the first time in their lives “don’t feel so alone”.
•$200 helps with life saving counseling and medical care for children dealing with domestic abuse and neglect.
•$600 will provide centers for kids with special needs an adaptive bike so that children with disabilities can ride a bike for the very first time!
•$1,000 will support our educational scholarships for teens in underserved areas who are trying hard to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Contact Information

Tax ID 95-1330495

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