The County provides a transportation benefit called the Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP).  You get to take advantage of the automatic payment and delivery features as well as save on your commuting expenses – such as bus/rail passes, transit vouchers, Metrolink passes, Transit Access Pass cards (TAP cards), and parking.  When you participate, you save money by setting aside money for public transit commuting and/or parking expenses under the CBP with pre-tax payroll deductions, up to IRS limits of $255 per month for 2016.  Eligible expenses that exceed the IRS limit are deducted from your paycheck on an after-tax basis. You do not have to pay Federal or State taxes or the Hospital Insurance Tax (HIT), if applicable, on the money you use to pay for eligible transportation and/or parking expenses under the CBP (up to $255) reducing your overall taxable income. For example: assuming a Federal tax rate of 25%, a State tax rate of 9.55%, HIT, and a $255 per month pre-tax payroll deduction for the CBP, you may be able to save approximately a net of $1,050 per year.

Enroll in the CBP using WageWorks’ online enrollment at or by calling WageWorks at (877) 924-3967.  Once you enroll in the CBP and you place a transit order by the monthly deadline (the 10th of every month), your payroll deduction will be taken from your 30th paycheck, which is two months prior to the benefit month.  Additional information can be found in the CBP Reference Guide (see link to the right).

Employees represented by SEIU Local 721

If you are represented by SEIU Local 721, you may be eligible to receive a $70 subsidy towards your commuting expenses.  You are eligible for the subsidy if you purchase a monthly transit pass for at least $70 through the Commuter Benefit Plan, and you are not currently receiving the Civic Center monthly transportation allowance.  To enroll in the Commuter Benefit Plan, go to or call WageWorks at (855) 428-0446.

Affiliated Transportation Agencies

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