Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

Medical Plan Updates: 02/22/2021


UnitedHealthCare (UHC)

  • UHC addressed the following concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination:
    • The COVID-19 vaccine does not give you the virus. None of the COVID-19 vaccines contain the live virus that causes COVID-19; therefore, the vaccine cannot make you sick with COVID-19.
    • The COVID-19 vaccine does protect individuals from getting sick with COVID-19. The vaccination teaches your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects individuals from getting sick with    COVID-19.


Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem)

  • Anthem provided the following information, advice, and recommendations on the COVID-19 vaccines:
    • Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) safety – While EUA is not the same as full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, it does not mean the FDA’s safety and effectiveness review wasn’t thorough. It simply means that some of the time-consuming administration work was bypassed due to the urgent need for vaccines during the pandemic.
  • Quick development concerns – The speed of development of the COVID-19 vaccines can partially be contributed to international cooperation and data sharing, as well as advance government funding for vaccine developers and the use of existing technology and research. It is not an indicator that the vaccines are unsafe or ineffective.
  • Post vaccination activity – Even after receiving the vaccination, individuals should continue to social distance and wear masks until the spread of the virus has ceased.
  • Receiving the vaccines – For the vaccines to make a significant impact in the fight against COVID-19, most of the population will need to be vaccinated. Receiving the vaccine is a personal decision; however, it is strongly recommended that individuals receive the vaccine when it is available to them.



  • Effective February 15, 2021, Cigna is no longer waiving member cost sharing for COVID-19 treatment; however, members will continue to have no cost sharing for all FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostic testing, and doctor-related visits through April 20, 2021.


Kaiser Permanente: No updates provided


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The Department of Human Resources (DHR) works closely with the County-sponsored medical plans available to our employees, and receives regular updates concerning the COVID-19 crisis.  Watch this page for weekly news, as well as any urgent updates on how to get treatment and new recommendations concerning social distancing, self-quarantine, and more.