Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

 Medical Plan Updates: 8/24/2020


Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser)

  • Kaiser has joined the phase three COVID-19 clinical trials, with plans to enroll approximately 1,400 participants across four sites in California and Oregon.
  • Recently published Kaiser research has shown that obesity was associated with a substantial increased risk of death from COVID-19. Additionally, the risk of death from COVID-19 associated with obesity is not uniform among those who are obese, but instead disproportionately affecting men and people under 60 years of age.


UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

  • Through October 22, 2020, UHC will waive cost sharing for ground emergency and medically appropriate non-emergency ambulance transportation for COVID-19 related services.
    • This includes ground transportation from facility to facility for patients with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis; however, it does not include transportation to a residence
  • During the national public health emergency period, UHC will cover medically appropriate COVID-19 testing, at no cost share, when ordered by a physician or appropriately licensed health care professional for purposes of diagnosis or treatment of an individual member.
    • This includes diagnostic and antibody tests at Walgreens’ drive up test sites

and Everlywell and LabCorp-manufactured home tests



  • Cigna provided flyers outlining tools and resources for what to do if members believe they have contracted COVID-19. Steps included:
    • Using the Buoy for Cigna Symptom Checker
    • Connecting with a provider
    • Accessing testing (via home or testing center)


Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem)

  • Anthem provided members with information on the importance of social distancing. This included noting the benefits of staying apart from other, which can help reduce the all-at-once, exponential spread of COVID-19, and slow the rate of infection. Members were encouraged to:
    • Continue working remotely (if possible)
    • If they must return to work, to follow the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers
    • Stay home when feeling ill
    • Take advantage of mental health services through various telehealth options


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The Department of Human Resources (DHR) works closely with the County-sponsored medical plans available to our employees, and receives regular updates concerning the COVID-19 crisis.  Watch this page for weekly news, as well as any urgent updates on how to get treatment and new recommendations concerning social distancing, self-quarantine, and more.