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Best Practices to Support Teleworking

Departments should  implement the following best practices to ensure successful implementation of telework assignments:

Flexibility: Remain flexible and adapt to the changing environment. This applies to the duties assigned during the emergency telework period and the  circumstances  under which the telework is performed (e.g., the employee must telework to care for children or others as a result of school or elder care facility closures, with no immediate alternatives.)

Communication: Communicate expectations for telework in emergency  situations. Sample agreement provisions are included in the telework guidelines, which can be modified for the COVID-19 emergency. While the requirement for a formal Telework Agreement has been waived during the COVID-19 emergency, it is still strongly encouraged that supervisors put a written telework agreement in place as soon as possible. Teleworkers should be ready to return to the regular workplace or site when called.

Secure Connectivity: Ensure appropriate and secure connectivity to any County information systems. At minimum, employees need a computer, internet or phone access in order to telework. lSD has been working to increase  the number of staff that can connect to the County internet through MyPC/SSLVPN. Each department should check with their respective Chief Information Officer (CIO) to ensure their staff will be able to connect to the  appropriate systems securely and without compromising County data. Teleworkers must be able to maintain the same confidentiality of records as required in the workplace.

Assignment Deliverables: Work with teleworkers to prepare a list of assignments and review it often. Clearly articulate the assignment deliverables and expectations. Supervisors should check-in with employees at the start of the telework assignment or as soon as possible after the telework begins, and monitor the employees’ daily progress on assignments. Sample telework task schedule can be found on the CTP website.

Daily Contact: Teleworkers should maintain daily contact with their immediate supervisor. Check-in time and hours of availability by the teleworkers should be clearly articulated.  Teleworkers may check-in through email or a phone call to the supervisor.