How to Order an Employee Examination

  1. Reference the Table of Employee Contracted Clinics  to select a clinic that best meets the needs of your department and the employee.
  2. Complete an Employee Work Order first, before contacting the contracted clinic.
  3. Contact the contracted clinic by phone or e-mail, and request an appointment for the employee. The contracted clinic must be told which medical screening examinations are needed.
  4. Fax or e-mail the Employee Work Order to the contracted clinic. Our contracted clinics are required to have written authorization prior to performing any services for the County.
  5. Instruct the employee to report for their medical exam on-time with a photo identification.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Information in the Table of Employee Medical Contractors is subject to revision. Therefore, the Table should not be downloaded, but rather reviewed on-line whenever needed.

Medical Results For Employee Examinations