Reasonable Suspicion

Los Angeles County’s policy is that abuse of drugs and alcohol by employees or contract personnel is unacceptable. Its abuse adversely affects health, safety, security, and productivity as well as public confidence and trust.

It is unlawful, dangerous and forbidden in the workplace to use, possess, sell or be under the influence of illegal drugs. Employees are also not allowed to use alcohol, or misuse alcohol or prescribed drugs to any extent that hinders safe and effective job performance.

The Drug Free Workplace Policy: Reasonable Suspicion is a Board-approved program established to enforce this policy to promote a safe, healthy, drug-free workplace. It is managed through the Chief Executive Office and Department of Human Resources.

Supervisors or managers who suspect that an employee needs to undergo urine drug and alcohol testing must follow the Reasonable Suspicion guidelines found in this website.

If you have any questions about Reasonable Suspicion, please contact OHP staff at (213) 433-7201 or via email at

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Reasonable Suspicion Process

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