The Los Angeles County Telework Program (CTP) is an effective workplace option which contributes to improving employee productivity and complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 2202 to help the County achieve regional air quality goals by eliminating one vehicle from the roads each day an employee teleworks. Telework under the CTP is a management approved arrangement allowing an employee to perform their work duties during any part of their regularly scheduled hours at an approved alternative work site. The Board of Supervisors first established the CTP in September 1989, and all participants must comply with the Board of Supervisors Telework Policy 9.090, found below.

In support of the CTP, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) provides training for teleworkers and telemanagers via the Learning Management System (Learning Net). Each online course is 30 minutes in length and the accompanying procedures manual can be found in the links below. The forms found below may be used as-is by Departments or may be used as a template to design Department-specific materials.

All participants must complete a Telework training course and a Telework Agreement prior to beginning a Telework assignment. As of January 2, 2019, all teleworker and telemanager training taken before or after this date does not expire and is not required to be retaken at a set interval.

Teleworkers must use the Telework time codes (found in Appendix 5 of the Telework Procedures Manual) for each day they participate in the Program. A 5-minute telework time code training on the Learning Net is required to be completed by teleworkers every six months. For further information about the Telework Program, please contact DHR’s Workplace Programs Division at