Welcome! Los Angeles County University (LACU) is proud to offer County employees access to Udemy for Business, an online library of over 3,000 on-demand training courses on topics that can help employees be more effective on the job and better prepared to achieve their career goals. This page provides useful information to help you get the most out of the Udemy for Business license – for yourself and for your employees. As we say in LACU, Happy Learning!

Support Materials

Are you looking for general information on getting started? Curious about how to incorporate Udemy learning into day-to-day work? Seeking a tool to document Udemy learning goals? Wondering about the Countywide requirements for using the license? If so, then we have a guide for you! Click a button below to get the support you need.

Navigation Tutorial

For a walk-through of logging in and using features that promote learning, please watch the short video below.

Get Learning at lacounty.udemy.com

Course Recommendations

To help jump-start Udemy learning, we have curated several course recommendations based on useful development area groupings. These groupings focus on several Work Behaviors assessed in County Performance Evaluations, as well as leadership competencies for MAPP managers. Click on your or your employees’ target development area below to view the list of our course recommendations on LA County’s Udemy for Business page.

Downloadable Course Guides

We have also compiled these course recommendations into PDF guides. To download the Course Recommendations for Performance Evaluation Work Behaviors, click here. To download the Course Recommendations for MAPP Leadership Competencies, click here.


Make sure you are logging into LA County’s Udemy page and not the general Udemy website. If you’re using the correct web address, you should be directed to sign-in through ISD’s portal using your LA County email address and password. Follow the instructions provided in theUdemy Learning: Guide to Getting Started”

No. The policy, Online Training Provided by External Providers, does not require it. However, supervisors may establish a learning framework that requires their employees (and the supervisor) to utilize a Learning Development Plan in order to access their LA County Udemy license while at work.

No. The policy, Online Training Provided by External Providers, states that training should be during work hours and that overtime or accrual of compensatory time to use the license is prohibited.

Yes, you may use your LA County Udemy account for personal use from home during non-work hours. However, keep in mind that there is no overtime/compensatory time allowed for using your Udemy account and that your supervisor may receive periodic reports on your account usage.

Go to the Udemy support page and follow these links

Retired Courses > Read Article > Last Chance

You should arrive at a Google Docs Excel page with the list of soon to be removed courses.