The County Telework Program is one of several South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 2202 compliance options that helps the County achieve regional air quality goals and increase Average Vehicle Ridership. The definition of Telework is working from home, or working at an alternative location that reduces the regular commute to work by more than 50 percent. All participants must comply with the Board of Supervisors Telework Policy 9.090 and the procedures in the Telework Program Manual. Telework in the County is not an employee benefit or a right, it is a management option program and employees must obtain prior approval from management to participate.

All participants must attend a certified Telework training course and complete a Telework agreement prior to participation. Teleworkers must use the Telework time codes each day they participate in the Program. Employees that have received supervisor approval to participate in the program can sign-up for training through the Learning Management System (Learning Net). Specific Telework questions should be directed to your departmental Telework coordinator.