Effective April 3, 2023, the County will sunset PPG 640, the COVID‐19 Vaccination Policy (Vaccination Policy). This means that there will be no COVID‐19 vaccination requirements for new hires or existing County workforce members unless otherwise mandated by federal, State, or local regulations or orders.

While the County’s Vaccination Policy is sunsetting, everyone is encouraged to stay up to date with COVID‐19 vaccinations and boosters and to test when experiencing symptoms or after exposure to someone infected with COVID‐19. Being fully vaccinated and receiving the bivalent booster has been shown to provide significant protection against hospitalization and death.

External Vaccination Requirements

After April 2, 2023, COVID‐19 vaccination requirements will remain in place for certain employees, including healthcare workers and individuals that work in healthcare facilities, based on federal regulations and local Health Officer Order requirements. If you have concerns about whether this applies to you, check with your supervisor or your Departmental Human Resources Manager.

Face Coverings/Masks

Current masking requirements under the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) guidance and the local Health Officer order will continue through April 2, 2023. After that date, the CDPH guidance will end, while the local Health Officer will continue to require healthcare workers to wear masks during patient care or when working in patient care areas. In addition, Cal/OSHA COVID‐19 Prevention Non‐Emergency Regulations (Cal/OSHA regulations), require face coverings for COVID‐19 cases and employees who are exposed to COVID‐19, and depending upon the work environment, some departments may require masking. If you have concerns about whether this applies to you, check with your supervisor, or your Departmental Human Resources Manager. If you wish to continue to wear face coverings at work, you are encouraged to do so.

COVID‐19 Testing

In alignment with the sunset of the Vaccination Policy, the employee‐specific COVID‐19 testing sites will begin to close at the end of their operating hours on March 31, 2023. However, testing resources will continue to be available for those who may need them. Below are options currently available for COVID‐19 testing.

• Testing provided by your healthcare provider.
• You are eligible for up to eight (8) individual COVID‐19 antigen tests per month through health insurance carriers for free.
• As of December 15, 2022, you can order up to four (4) free at‐home COVID‐19 rapid antigen tests per household at or by calling (800) 232‐ 0233.
• No‐cost testing resources are also available through local pharmacies and health clinics.
• For more testing options, visit COVID‐19 How to Get a Test.

Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these resources to continue to monitor their health and prevent the spread of COVID‐19.

County Time for Vaccinations/Testing

Employees will be permitted to test for COVID‐19 on County time only if they have a workplace exposure. Employees will also be permitted to get vaccinated or boosted against COVID‐19 on County time only if they are required to be vaccinated or boosted as a condition of employment However, employees are still encouraged to utilize appropriate sick leave when unable to work due to illness.

COVID‐19 Prevention Practices

As a reminder, the County recommends that everyone continues to follow best practices in the workplace to help prevent COVID‐19 exposures, and protect our County workforce and the communities we serve:

• Get the updated bivalent vaccination and booster. To find a vaccine, visit
• Mask up. Wear face coverings indoors and in non‐high‐risk settings.
• Stay home when you feel sick, or if you have been exposed to someone infected with COVID‐19. If sick, seek treatment and follow State and local Health Order guidance on how to minimize the risk of passing COVID‐19 to others. For more information, visit
• Know your COVID‐19 status. Take an at‐home COVID‐19 test before gatherings, especially if those at higher risk will be in attendance, so you do not unknowingly infect others. If you are a close contact with someone who tests positive, test as soon as possible to help stop the spread of COVID‐19.
• Exercise good hygiene and hand wash and/or hand sanitize regularly.

Should you have any questions, you can reach out to your Departmental Human Resources Manager, or you can
contact the Department of Human Resources COVID‐19 team either through the County of Los Angeles Employee
Hotline at (833) 990‐2352 or