Appeals on the Pre-Employment/Post-Offer Medical Examination

An applicant who does not agree with the work restrictions issued by the County’s contracted clinic, can submit an independent medical opinion to the County’s contracted clinic. Please obtain this opinion and submit it to the County’s contracted clinic which originally performed your medical examination via fax within ten (10) business days from the postmark date of your Pre-Employment/Post Offer Medical Examination Result –Work Restriction(s) letter. If you need more time to submit an independent medical opinion, please contact the Department of Human Resources, Occupational Health Program (OHP), within five (5) business days from the postmark date of the letter so an extension can be provided.  Questions on the appeal process and requests for additional time must be made to the OHP staff person listed on your letter.

Do not submit the independent medical opinion to the Department or to OHP. Only the County’s contracted clinic should receive this information.