Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

 Medical Plan Updates: 09/27/2021


  • As a part of their ongoing COVID-19 podcast series, Cigna’s latest 22-minute podcast addition focuses on the latest trends and impact of the pandemic. The podcast addresses worksite preparedness, the impact of President Biden’s new vaccine mandate, and reducing employee stress, while continuing to build resiliency. The podcast can be found at:


UnitedHealthCare (UHC)

  • In response to President Biden’s unveiling of a six-point COVID-19 response plan, which requires Americans working in the private sector to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or show proof of negative test results at least once a week; requires most federal employees and contractors of the federal government to get the COVID-19 vaccine; and includes an increase to the supply of COVID-19 tests and reduction in cost of at-home tests, UHC has reminded members of the following:
    • Per UHC policy, UHC will continue to cover testing for employment, education, public health, or surveillance purposes, only when required by applicable law
  • There is $0 cost-share for the COVID-19 vaccination, through the national public health emergency period
  • UHC reminded members that the FDA approved the COVID-19 vaccine for use in preventing serious illness from COVID-19 among those ages 16 and older, and the emergency-use authorized COVID-19 vaccine is designed to prevent serious illness among those ages 12 and older.
    • Since the duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown and being studied, members should continue to follow the public health safety guidelines to help protect themselves and others


Kaiser Permanente: No new updates

Anthem/Blue Cross: No updates provided

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The Department of Human Resources (DHR) works closely with the County-sponsored medical plans available to our employees, and receives regular updates concerning the COVID-19 crisis.  Watch this page for weekly news, as well as any urgent updates on how to get treatment and new recommendations concerning social distancing, self-quarantine, and more.